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  • There is more to a job than just getting it done. There's also your experience around it, from start-to-finish. When you work with SKYTEC you’re…
  • We believe in providing a cost-effective packages. We offer high-quality work to our customers at the most favorable rates. Plus, you can choose among a…
  • Value is not only price, but follow-through, communication, honesty, and responsiveness. We are not going to sell you something you don’t need. We are committed…

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  • 29 Feb Cyber security with Fortinet
    We provide security products from Fortinet in  Lebanon or Iraq, let our experts helps you in designing a new security…
  • 21 May VMware products and solutions
    If you are looking for a VMware partner in Lebanon or Iraq, we will glad to help you. We provide…

Over the past few years we have built a strong relationship with our customers by delivering a friendly, professional, timely and cost-effective service, transforming them to partners. We believe that ICT services clients should be described as partners because our work is not limited to one, two or three tasks. We have to understand the business strategy of our partners to succeed. It’s the reason behind our success in working with clients from multiple countries: Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Ghana, Gabon, Congo and more!

Different business sectors can benefit from our services, we have developed solutions for: Healthcare, Education, Financial institutions, Retail chains, Industry, Construction, Shipping, hospitality, Restaurants, Printing, Security, Army, Municipalities and residential.

If you wish to have a fresh list of our references, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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