The UC series IPPBX delivers a multi-functional business office telephony system designed for small to medium enterprises. The series integrates functions such as IP phone, fax, and voice recording, and is compatible with multiple service platforms such as Cisco CallManager, Broadsoft, Huawei IMS and Asterisk, and terminals.




Enterprise IP PBX hardware

IX 160

Enterprise IPPBX is an open source asterisk-based complete IPPBX solution for SMB. Based on plug-in modular design, it allows users to integrate OpenVox PCI-E telephony cards, with combinations of analog, BRI, PRI, GSM . With the push-button, the storage device is easy to plug and draw.





Asterisk Analog and E1 Cards

A2410 Series

With the interchangeable quad-FXS and quad-FXO modules, these analog cards can eliminate the requirements for separate channel banks or access gateways.

Scaling of an analog card solution is accomplished by simply adding additional cards.




SIP Gateway


VoxStack series VoIP gateways are the industry FIRST Hot-Swap Asterisk-Based VoIP Gateways.

VoxStack comes with OpenVox creative modular design that provides plug-in VoIP gateway modules which could support combination of different telephony interfaces including GSM, WCDMA, FXS, BRI, E1/T1.The VoxStack VoIP gateways support up to 44GSM/WCDMA channels or 40 FXS ports or any combination of five GSM/FXS gateway modules at maximum.

With friendly GUI, users may easily setup their customized Gateway.







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