Second Level Support


Second level support helps customers solve more technical issues usually by remote diagnosis on the phone or via Internet online support in a timely manner. ... Organizations and companies split customer support into these different support structures in order to process customer requests and queries more efficiently.


Our strong experience in various IT systems made us a favorite Service provider for many clients who requires additional expertise to face daily challenges such us faulty servers, slow networks, vpn interruption, voice issues, dns problems, email problems and much more!


How it works?

you can purchase a second level support package from us with 6months or 1 year validity and keep it for your emergency cases. so whenever you have a system failure we will be your side

Confused? Need our advise?

Don't hesitate to contact with us whenever you want

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  • White House Hotel Building, Jal El Dib Highway, Beirut, Lebanon
  • +961(4)716591
  • +961(4)716591

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